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The Dog Advertiser was bred out of necessity and aims to be your go to source on the health and wellness of your pets.

In 2015 we took Angelo, our seemingly healthy four-legged dachshund/chihuahua mix (chiweenie) in for his routine veterinarian exam.  During the visit it was discovered that he had a heart murmur, and we were urged to schedule an appointment with a Cardiologist.  A few weeks after the initial exam we took him for an echocardiogram (ultrasound), and waited patiently for the results.  However, little did we know, this day would change the course of our lives forever.

We were brought in to the exam room and told that our little one was battling heart disease.  He was barely seven years old and a few months earlier he had a clean bill of health.  After the initial shock and blaming ourselves we had a plethora of questions.  What were we to do?  How could we save him?  How long does he have?  The response given: “we wait.”

That wasn’t exactly the answer we were expecting and it certainly wasn’t one we were going to accept.  We quickly went to work and poured over scientific journals, clinical studies, contacted other veterinarians and read everything we could about aging and cardiovascular health.  We were committed to doing anything and everything to get him better.  With the help of our loving veterinarians we found ourselves on the right track.

Like many pet parents we consider our fur babies (Angelo & Aries) our “children”, and like all children their health and happiness is top priority.  After spending countless sleepless nights, time, money and other resources we learned a great deal (and are still learning) of knowledge concerning  pet health.

There is no community out there that is as loving, welcoming and willing to help out one another as much as the dog community.  And The Dog Advertiser is our way of giving back and giving a voice to our canine companions who are voiceless.  We don’t proclaim to be experts in anything, but rather our goal is to bring you an honest and objective view on all things regarding animal welfare, pet health, longevity and wellness.

Much love and good health to you and your fur babies,

Mark & Pablo

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