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Stories like this always warm my heart.  In Oregon, lives Tigger, a Staffordshire terrier mix, whom is full of love and joy.   Tigger is a special needs dog and most would have followed the recommendation to euthanize him because of the extra care he would have had to receive but his mom, Eve Good, would have none of that.

Luckily they found a veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Warnock who would perform a life changing surgery.  He underwent the procedure in late 2016 to help him walk on his deformed front paws:

Warnock operated on the dog, whose condition is called ectrodactyly, or split hand or lobster claw, after she determined that he had a lot of love to give and should not be euthanized, as too many others before her had recommended.

She believed then and now that if she could help the dog ambulate closer to normal, that he would make the perfect therapy dog to help humans, especially children, understand their disabilities better.

Watch as Tigger takes his first steps:

Do you have a special needs dog?  If so, I would love to hear your story!

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