2 thoughts on “Man Kills Puppy: Most Severe Case Of Animal Cruelty Ever Seen

  1. Neglect is animal cruelty. Beating a puppy to death is the work of a future murderer. Nobody just rolls out of bed one morning and says “I think I’ll murder someone today.” They work up to it.

    Monsters like Simpson get released, and then they do it again, and again. As the law now stands, we can only watch and wait until they do a horrific child murder and can finally be put away for life.

    People are too stuck on the idea that it’s “only a dog”. Dogs are family members to many of us. But the focus needs to be on gross, gratuitous, unnecessary violence and brutality. No matter if it’s done to a person or a dog.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Stella. Some people are also stuck on dogs being “property” because that’s the way the law defines them. Even if the law defines them that way, does that mean we aren’t supposed to care? I echo when you say that the focus needs to be on “gross, gratuitous, unnecessary violence and brutality.”

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