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You would think that after all the shit that has happened with these commercial dog food companies they would actually shore up their business practices and TRY to put out decent food.  Nestle Purina is probably one of the worst offenders and they didn’t disappoint.  A man named Bradley Terry broke apart some chunks of meat in his dogs food tells of his horrifying discovery:

First, he noticed small moths inside the sealed, plastic container in which he keeps the food. Then, he broke apart the chunks of meat in the dog food.

“That’s when I noticed that there were, in fact, worms or maggots in the food itself,” Terry said. “[Cocoa] was about halfway through the bag. So knowing that she had been eating that for a month now I just — I couldn’t believe it.”

Maybe for some people uncovering maggots in your dogs food isn’t a big deal but for many pet parents, I can only imagine how disgusting it is.  I think I found maggots and a spider in a box of Godiva chocolates once and that was bad…luckily in my case they were already dead.  But we’re talking about live moving worms.  Unsurprisingly, this is NOT the first time maggots have been found in Purina dog food:

Oh but don’t you worry!  Purina had a perfectly good explanation and said these worms are ‘likely’ Indian Meal Moth Larvae.  I don’t believe that for a second. Why don’t I believe it?  Because it KEEPS ON HAPPENING and they don’t seem to care.   However, they are making it a point to say that these worms are harmless.  Perhaps Purina executives should regularly have their meals sprinkled with this larvae, I mean it won’t hurt, right?

In the end, Purina said they were issuing Bradley Terry a refund.  Bradley says he’s staying away from Purina altogether.  Can’t say we blame him.

Have you ever found anything this disgusting in your dogs food?

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7 thoughts on “Purina Dog Food’s Newest Ingredient: Maggots

  1. Today, 6/6/2018 I found live maggots in my Purina pro plan puppy food .
    I had read about this and had checked my previous bag of food.
    What do I do now !

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Unfortunately, Purina doesn’t look like they will change their ways. I recommend you either switch commercial dog foods or even to a homecooked diet. Home cooked meals are a hassle at times but at least you know what is inside of it. Keep us posted.

  2. Just found a ton in our Cat Purina Pro Plan Savory Shredded Chicken Blend (the Chicken & Rice flavoured one) So it was pretty much the exact same brand/flavour as others have had this issue with only ours was in our cat food. It’s so disgusting!!!!

  3. As a manager for a major pet store chain, I would recommend that no one buy any Purina brand food at the moment. Their lack of care on this issue has not only cost our store thousands of dollars in lost food and now moth treatment by our pest company, but also cost us in valuable customers that are mortified to have bugs in their “babies” food. I would not feed any Purina to my animals and don’t recommend it to any customers now. P.S. Stay away from all of their brands, not just the pro-plan.

  4. My dog has been eating Purina pro plan focus for almost 2 years and brought home a bag of food last night with bugs and webs covering the food. Completely unacceptable. No one should buy this food. I am very lucky I caught it before feeding my dog maggots

  5. And again….this is still happening! Inside the actual nuggets of food— live maggots! Every nugget my daughter broke open this morning had these creepy crawly insects. Google search indicates documented cases going back 10+ years. Stay away from Purina.

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