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Kellar is an English Springer and was born blind.  But that doesn’t stop him from playing fetch or finding the joy that life has to offer.  In this beautiful video you can see him using his other senses to find the ball and bring it back to be thrown all over again.

Regarding the directions being given, his owners said, “Kellar was originally trained to play ball with the commands “hot” and “cold”. We later added “warmer”, “passed it”, “left” and “right”. The process took about a week for the basic commands.”  They later added that, “Hopefully sharing Kellar’s story will encourage people to think about a special needs pet.  They have so much to give back to us, if someone gives them a chance.”

To keep up with Kellar hop on over to his FB page or for more information on dogs with special needs visit Pets With Disabilities

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